We have a AWS certified team to assist you in AWS operations. Our AWS managed services reduce your costs and complexities to manage a scalable infrastructure. Proper configuration and setup of your account is important to reduce costs (up to 10%) & improve efficiency.

What are AWS Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud Management is not just about provisioning and configuring the data centre but about software development and deployment. Infrastructure is maintained by code & not physically. It requires constant CI/CD. AWS cloud Managed Services centralises your business operations and mitigates security risks. Managed Services automates change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services.

What are the benefits of AWS Managed Service?

Improves agility- It you take quick decisions in dynamic market conditions.

Reduces Costs- Significantly reduces cost involved in fixed assets.

Reducing Time Spending

Reduces time in managing infrastructure.

Why choose us?


1. What is the cost of managed services?

Pricing starts from Rs 2000 and may vary as per the complexity. Contact us for a free consultation to asses best cost.

2. How long is the contract for?

There is a 30 day cancellation notice policy.

3. How will you provide support like?

Our support team will be available via phone or email 24X7.

4. Will you help in defining architecture and migration?


5. Who will own our AWS account?

We provide only AWS managed services and account is owned by you.

6. I already have AWS setup – can you optimize my account?

Yes we help in reducing costs and improving efficiency.