Xaas Technologies drives innovation, reduces costs and manages security on Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform is preferred choice because it is flexible, scalable, cost effective, and has a vast range of AI/ML tools. Managing GCP can be daunting if there is lack of expertise and can result into overspending and security threats. Our experienced and certified team can help in managing heterogeneous and complex technology environments through robust service delivery model.

What are GCP Managed Services?

We determine workload requirements, perform transformation and migration of legacy applications without any disruption and we ensure a secure & stable infrastructure. Our certified cloud team manages database, infrastructure and application deployment.

What all services we provide

24/7 Application Support

We understand the importance of ensuring reliability, availability, and security with respect to application support.

Configurations for GCP

We configure your GCP account for monitoring, OS optimization, patching and deployment management.

Migration to GCP

We do seamless end-to-end migration without any downtime and with minimum efforts. We cover you.

Microservices Management

We help you embrace microservices architecture and its deployment. We help you in modernizing your legacy applications

Why choose us?