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Our flexible and professional Contract Staffing Personnels can support your short-term workforce needs at timely manner. Whether it’s a new project, a seasonal demand or a lean phase. You can attain your business objectives at a cheaper cost. It can help in retaining talent and maintaining appropriate business level.

Direct Hire / Permanent Staffing

Our Direct Staffing solutions uses an integrated, 360-degree quality process to find, assess (through domain-specific screening, psychometric testing, and behavioral interview techniques), and recruit high-caliber talent for your permanent staffing needs, helping you to achieve your business goals.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

We must have a favorable outlook of a candidate, but we can’t be sure in this case he’s “the one needed.” Our professional Contract-to-Hire Staffing experts integrate the best of both worlds to provide the optimal solution. To identify the candidate, they first sweep through acceptable talent channels. Then we give you the opportunity to evaluate full-time and long-term roles needed for evaluating his or her performance.

We provide unique adaptive recruiting approach and focus on pre-closing candidates for client recruitment. In today’s competitive business environment customers and business partners expect that the information, products and services should be readily available to them whenever needed.

Project - Staffing

Our squad is equipped for every mission. Project Staffing experts are ready to assist with a broad range of ‘just in time’ skilled workforce, from a new office to a crucial assignment, contract based hiring, seasonal demands, and unpredictable recruitment concerns. Our outsourced, scalable programs use process-driven methodologies that have been proprietary honed across companies and roles to not only aid you get through the obstacles, but also ensure that everything goes smoothly by managing administrative, logistic, and other collateral chores.

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