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Marketing Solutions is a marketing communications firm that helps its clients contact their target consumers in the global industrial and technological sectors.

Our clients trust and rely on us because we say what we mean and follow our commitments, and we work hard to meet their expectations. We follow a positive and realistic approach. Our ability to do it rightly and productively stems from our industrial and technical knowledge. We follow the trend of worldwide capabilities, and integrated marketing communicational skills.

Services that We Offer.

Bulk SMS
We provide bulk SMS service platform to manage bulk SMS campaigns. You can personalize your bulk SMS with names, select different languages, schedule your sends. Easily insert images, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets & more as short links in your bulk SMS campaigns.
Bulk WhatsApp
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Bulk Email
It's critical to follow best practises when sending commercial or bulk emails, such as respecting your recipient's inbox and adhering to local rules and Gmail policies.To execute an effective email campaign, the messages you send should form a real connection between you and your subscribers.
Email Solution
Times have changed and today most of official communication take place e-through mails. Hence mail records are of great essence. Data loss can lead to operational inefficiencies. Email servers should be highly redundant and available all the time.

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