Pvt. Ltd. Company Registration

In India Private Limited Companies are governed by the Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA). Registering of a company is made easy through online filing. Minimum of two people are required as directors and shareholders to form a company. Documentation required for registering a Private limited company are Director’s PAN, proof of address & bank statement.

  • Definition of private ltd company as per Section 2 (68) of the Companies Act, 2013
  • It is recommended to get a private limited company registration as this type of company offers limited liability to the shareholders with certain restrictions that are placed on the ownership.
  • More than 20 lac companies are registered in India & 12 lac companies are currently active.
  • After the name of the company, the word “limited” is added as suffix .You can do the registration through XAAS Technologies in Delhi, NCR.


Why to choose Public limited?

Because everyone has Limited Liability

Uninterrupted Existence.

Higher Borrowing Capacity.


Why to choose Public limited?

Pvt Ltd Companies have better credibility.

Tax Efficient.

Limited Liability.

Expert team in Board of Directors.

Easy Trade sharing.

Risk Spreading.

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