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XAAS Technologies is a prominent Social Media Optimization firm in Delhi NCR that specialises in organic and paid social media marketing strategies. We have extensive experience growing your online social presence on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our SMO professionals assist you in increasing traffic and preserving your social reputation for a longer period of time. SMO services may assist you in better targeting your audience across various social media channels, as well as increasing overall sales and enhancing your brand value. We create a personalised SMO approach for each company based on their specific business objectives and expectations.

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SMO - Social Media Optimization Services

Social media is the new internet these days. Businesses create brands, attract customers, and increase conversions for their goods and services. Social media has evolved into a platform for establishing trust and reputation.
Facebook Marketing
We offer top quality Facebook marketing services as per your requirements. Our SMO experts have experience in creating Facebook pages, increasing likes and followers, posting in groups with more likes and putting posts with engaging content to promote your brand on social media.
Twitter Marketing
We provide high-quality Facebook marketing services tailored to your needs. Our social media professionals have experience developing Facebook pages, boosting likes and followers, publishing in more popular groups, and making posts with interesting content to promote your brand on social media.
Pinterest Marketing
We provide Pinterest marketing services to help you boost the worth of your company. We provide Pinterest marketing services such as account setup, board development and regular pin posting, boosting followers, and increasing engagement at a moderate cost.
LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn is a popular professional networking sites. Our services in Delhi NCR, which include account and corporate page setup, daily postings, group postings, and developing followers and connections, are offered at extremely reasonable costs. Lets start now! Call us.
Instagram Marketing
Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video-sharing social media networks among millennials. It helps in promotion of your business and sales. We provide complete services like account setup, posting & boosting your followers.
YouTube Marketing
YouTube is a popular search engine. We provide YouTube marketing services, such as creating a YouTube channel and posting videos, as well as growing views, likes, comments, and subscribers, at extremely reasonable pricing.
Google + Marketing
Google Plus is one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses to advertise themselves. It aids in the formation of a community, the improvement of involvement, and the promotion of the company. We provide Google + marketing services such as Google + account and page creation, Google + and group posting, developing community followers, Google plus page administration, and profile page posting.

What We Do In SMO


Social Media Integration into your website

Social Bookmarking

Social Media Accounts/Profiles Customization

Widget Strategy Development

Social Profile Listing

Viral Marketing

Social Event Marketing

Linking All Your Social Media Accounts

Online Product Reviews

RSS Feed Promotion

Audio and Music Sharing

Brand Promotion & Customer base building

Targeted PPC campaigns across social networks

Photo Sharing

Video Sharing

Game Sharing

Social Media Accounts/Profiles Setup & Configuration on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram

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